Recover Damaged SD Card

SD Card Data Recovery Options

SD cards are used to store data and files created by any number of electronic devices including GPS systems, game consoles, camcorders, digital cameras and computers. Even when a SD card is only used with one device, there is still the potential for SD Card data damage to occur. Most often this is the result of turning off the device or removing the SD card while the read / write process is still working. Sometimes the damage is caused by a virus.

Knowing exactly how data damage occurs may be interesting but it doesn’t help fix the damaged SD Card. When all is said and done, the only important thing most people care about is fixing the damaged file so the SD card can be used again. Fortunately there are a few options available.

The first option people should be aware of is very simple, extremely effective and almost never used. Create a backup of the SD card regularly. The risks of a losing all of your files on a computer’s hard drive is well known and more than a few people have experienced it. The same holds true for an SD card. But, just like with a computer, people do not back up their data. With a backup, it is a simple process to restore the damaged or missing files. Unfortunately, it is too late to create a backup once the SD card has experienced data damage.

The second option is to invest in SD Card Data Recovery software. This is the option most people eventually find themselves using. These applications are specifically designed to help recover damaged and missing files on a SD card. Many are free to download and install from the Internet. The process of using SD Card Data Recovery software is very easy. The application will guide the user through scanning the card for damaged or missing files and automatically fix and recover the files selected. While the process of recovering the files may take a few minutes, these programs are very effective in fully restoring access to the files.