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Having a problem with your SD card ? Don't worry ! Download our software for free and run our free scan. If our software can find your files you will see them in the preview window. Later you will be able to purchase your license and restore your files. Furthermore, our software can recover any kind of memory card and even hard drive.


  • Restore all types of memory cards
  • Recover files from local PC / Hard drive
  • Free Scan & Free files preview
  • Very easy for use

Installtion file size - 4.7mb

Uninstall from control panel , add/remove software  


SD Card Data Recovery Software

SD cards are a popular external storage device with a wide variety of electronic gadgets including GPS navigation systems, digital cameras, multi-media players and laptop computers.  Like all data storage devices, the SD card has the potential to suffer data damage rendering some or all of the files it contains inaccessible.  When this happens, many people turn to SD Card Data Recovery applications for help.

There are numerous third party vendors offering SD Card Data Recovery software over the Internet.  Some charge a fee for their product while most offer the application for free.  Experts in the field agree that there is little difference between the quality of the products offered for a fee and those available free of charge.  Almost all of the SD Card Data Recovery applications have versions for both Mac and Windows computers.

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Once installed on the computer, all of the SD Card Data Recovery applications work in basically the same way.  The user must select the file types they want to recover from a list generated by the data recovery software.  The application then scans the SD card looking for damaged or deleted files that match the file types the user selected.  When the scan is completed, the user is presented with a list of recoverable files found on the SD card.  Once the specific files that need to be recovered are selected, the application will go to work on fixing those files.  The more files chosen, the longer this final step will take.

SD Card Data Recovery applications work to fix damaged files in two ways. The first is by just restoring the file’s markers.  Each file has a marker written to the SD card that every device can read.  The marker contains the location of all the pieces of data that make up the file, the name and type of the file and how much storage space the file uses on the SD card.  While some devices may not be able to read a particular file type, all of the devices can see how big the file is and where all of its pieces are saved.  This prevents one device from accidentally overwriting another device’s file.

Sometimes, the damage is done to the data that is used to create the file.  The SD Card Data Recovery application can reconstruct the individual data clusters in order to remove or repair any damaged pieces of data.  This process takes longer than the first.  Sometimes, the data damage is too severe for successful file recovery.  This is especially true when some parts of the data in a file have been overwritten with new files.  This is why it is important to stop using a SD card once data damage has occurred.